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Fiction Story As I wait nervously to get off of the cold plane; I notice my hands are very moist. I contemplate whether or not I should have called him. It is very hot and dry when I come out of the plane, and there is a beam of light coming through a crack in the corridor causing me to squint. I have been very anxious about this trip for quite some time now and I hope it will fix the problems I have had after the incident. When I go to pick up my luggage, I see a cute, flabby, delicate infant with her short, big-bellied father. This reminds me of him and I feel my eyes become moist, as my vision gets increasingly blurry. I think about how my life would have been completely different and the person I would be now if this terrible thing never happened. I seem to have mood swings when I think about this so I try to stay away from the topic all together. When I arrive at the three star hotel, I am impressed on how much nicer it is in person than when I looked at the pictures online. It was made of brown stucco and had four enormous pillars at the opening. After I checked in and had the plump server get my bags out of the taxi, I made my way through the never ending hallway to my room. As I opened the door I caught a whiff of the sweet, lemon smelling room, and it was very delightful. The room is bigger than I had expected, it had a king size bed with brown silk sheets and over sized pillows, a big, flat screen TV that sat on a long, wooden dresser, with a fridge to the right. After I took a much needed nap in the fluffy bed, I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach and I debated whether to call him. I picked up my old, brick phone and dialed his number, with each dial I become increasingly nervous. The phone rang and rang, and my dad did not pick up. I hung up before his voicemail started. I did not want to hear his voice yet, since we haven't talked in about

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