Fibromyalgia Essay

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References Adamec, Christine A. "Fibromyalgia." Encyclopedia Americana. 2009. Grolier Online. 27 Apr. 2009 Huynh,C., Yanni,L., Morgan,L., (2007). Key Practice Points in the Management of Fibromyalgia. American Family Physician, 76(2), 195-6, 202. Harrisburg Area Community College, Retrieved March 31, 2009, from Research Library Core database. (Document ID: 1310191151). Peas, Gerald W., "Pain you can't" New York Amsterdam News 99.43 (16 Oct. 2008): 30-30. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. HACC, York, Pa. 26 Apr. 2009 Unknown Author, "Fibromyalgia Eased by Synthetic Marijuana.” USA Today 1 Oct. 2008: 10. Research Library Core. ProQuest. Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg, PA. 20 Apr. 2009 Unknown Author, "Little Evidence of a Diet Link to Fibromyalgia.." Environmental Nutrition 32.2 (Feb. 2009): 7-7. Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition. EBSCO. 26 Apr. 2009 Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia affects many people and is very hard to diagnose. Over the last few years I have been experiencing increasing pain. I would go to the doctor, but the pain couldn’t be explained. The pain was in more than one area and increased more over time. My doctor sent me for tests, but nothing showed up. I thought I was going crazy; maybe this was all in my head. After doing some research, I now believe my symptoms may be fibromyalgia. Not knowing what is wrong with me was taking its toll on me. I wanted to know some things about fibromyalgia, such as what

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