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Fiber Optics Essay

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The information highway has drastically changed the daily lifestyle of the average person over the last twenty years. During the span of civilization, communication has changed from using hand signals to using digital data transmissions. Every generation of humankind has reinvented the wheel using new forms of technology. Technology has touched every facet of life; business, home communications and entertainment. Moore’s law states that technology changes every eighteen to twenty-four months. The technology of sending information across the Internet has dramatically increased. The medium has changed from coaxial cable to fiber optic cable. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the uses of fiber optics. It will consist of a review of key historic points of fiber optics. It will also discuss the design and current uses of fiber optics in communications in voice, image, and data transmission. We will also look into a few applications in the future uses of fiber optics.    
                                  Fiber-Optic Technology: Past, Present and Future
    Developing hardware, software and networking gives society the capacity to gain knowledge and information. As Sir Francis Bacon stated, “Knowledge itself is power.” Through the emergence of the Internet and high-speed data transfer, people can access information anytime and anywhere. Fiber-optics enables society to access this information safely and quickly. The ability to communicate is essential to the successful advancement of society.
    People have been working on ways to pass information since the beginning of time. Early communication methods included verbal communication, hand and arm signals, smoke signals and eventually written forms. The early communication methods left a huge margin for error and interpretation. Eventually books became a transmission of information. The use of books helped close the margin of error but the interpretation was still up to the reader. As our society...

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