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3.2 Explain the importance of reassuring children, young people and adults about the confidentiality of shared information and the limits of this In school all information with regards to pupils must be treated confidentially as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. Information about any other pupil, the school or teaching staff should never be disclosed, copied or forwarded to any third parties of whom the information was originally designated ( example forwarding emailed information). If I was ever unsure about passing on information I would check with the head or senior line manager. Ifa parent gave me information I would carefully record it, follow the schools policies and procedures, then given only to the relevant members of staff. Parental consent is to be given before any information about pupils is given to other professionals outside of the teaching unit, however if there was Suzanne Glossop Evidence No Issues which indicate that a child is at risk from harm or abuse then this information can be passed on to the relevant parties. There is certain information that has to be gathered by the school in order for it to work effectively, this will include names, contact numbers and addresses, medical information, dietary needs, family changes, special education needs. To give out this information to third parties would be a breach of confidentiality. In my school we have an agreed method of sharing information with regards to specific children whom have medical conditions or allergies, this information is displayed in the staff room with the child's photograph and specific needs. A copy is also kept in the office in a file which is locked away in a cabinet. This information is available for all teachers and teaching staff. 3.3 Describe the kinds of situations when confidentiality protocols should be breached The decision to breach pupil's confidentiality

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