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Ahmed Ahmed 11/23/2012 Racial and Ethnic identity For centuries racism has been practiced by human beings since the beginning of time, and although it has dramatically decreased in this generation it still continues to be done by ignorant human beings. Racism back in the days was very harsh, it even reached the point were Africans were tied up and taken from their families and brought to America to become slaves and do work. All who tried to stop racism and slavery were either killed or tortured. Even the president of the United States Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed after preventing slavery of blacks. For me as an African I thank god that I wasn’t born in the old days. I could’ve easily been a slave and my life would be so miserable. For me I think people who judge you by your skin color or where your from are either ignorant people or uneducated people. Its hard to believe that in India whose people are known to be peaceful that you can be killed depending on what religion you follow or what your skin color is. In my view I see myself as an ordinary person, thankfully I have never been racially assaulted or has anyone showed any type of racism against me due to the fact that I live in a country where racism is decreasing year by year. Its sad to know that people think they are better then you when they’re the ones that are ignorant to the point where they can discriminate another human being because of his skin color. In conclusion as racism is declining year by year it still continues to be practiced by humans, and I hope as time passes by there will be a point in this world were humans don’t judge other people by their skin color or

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