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MGT521: Managing Dynamic Environments Credit Hours: | 3 | Contact Hours: | This is a 3-credit course, offered in a 14 week format. The exact number of hours per week that you can expect to spend on each course will vary based upon the weekly coursework, as well as your study style and preferences. You should plan to spend 10-12 hours per week in each course reading material, interacting on the discussion boards, writing papers, completing projects, and doing research. | Faculty Information Name: Phone: Email: Virtual Office Hours: Course Description and Outcomes This course examines how employee productivity and morale are affected when an organization restructures, reengineers, rethinks their strategy, merges, downsizes, right sizes or makes significant changes that affects the organizational culture. External and internal changes force organizations to explore the need for change. Most of the time, all this is done in the name of gaining a competitive advantage. Therefore, over the last three decades, change has become a way of life in many organizations. It is not unusual for shareholders to ask and in some cases demand that organizations make improvements that will create a greater return on their investment. The ability to adapt to change has become a critical skill for employees and managers at all levels of the organization. Therefore, learners will examine the change process, reasons employees resist change and the tactics organizations can employ to increase the likelihood of a successful change management effort. In this course, learners will explore how they can become more adapt at accepting change and the skills they need to survive organizational change. They will also develop and enhance their skills as a change agent and discover how they can become stronger formal and informal leaders by recognizing their role in the change management

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