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"Welcome Speech for Pta" The most respected -----------------Our highly esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen! I extend my warm greetings to all of you! Today, on behalf of the management, I am privileged to welcome you to this Meeting. First of all with great pleasure, I would like to welcome the --------------, who very kindly agreed to grace this occasion and share his valuable thoughts with us. As the Manager of this institution he always extend his full support for the progress and welfare of all of us. His true dedication, missionary zeal and human touch are commendable. His words of inspiration keep our morale high. He is a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every member of this institution. Sir, we are honoured by your presence today. Secondly I would like to welcome Principal of--------------. She is an efficient leader who guide the students towards the academic excellence through compassion, dedication and selfless service. We are highly fortunate to have her as our Principal. Madam, you are warmly welcomed to this meeting. Now I would like to introduce Mr/Ms---------------, who has graciously agreed to share her thoughts with us. She has ---------------his/her credit. She/he is highly experienced in -----------------. She /he skillfully deal ------- with---------. We are fortunate to have her--------------------. With great pleasure I welcome ---------- to this meeting. I also welcome the faculty members who will interacting with you later. Now I would like to welcome the highly esteemed parents who kindly accepted our invitation for this meeting. We sincerely appreciate your co-operation and unreserved love for this institution in sparing your time despite your busy schedule to honour this invitation. I pray that the Almighty God will indeed bless you all immensely. We are looking forward to working with all the

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