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Ffff Essay

  • Submitted by: rikat
  • on April 2, 2011
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Are clothes just clothes, or do they define us?Fashion designers today take inspiration from all corners of the globe. Clothes have become wonderfully diverse – designers incorporate what they perceive as traditional, with ethnic flares sourced from cultures far removed from the homeland of the designer.

High-street Western clothes stores, sell standout tops embroidered with patterns and scripts borrowed from the Far East. Furry Eskimo boots, purposely worn in Arctic climates have been teamed up with little mini skirts and worn on sunny Californian beaches.

Moroccan slippers have found their way into shoe closets the world over and bohemian gypsy skirts - the staple attire of Eastern European gypsy women - last year, with the help of Sienna Miller, became an everyday outfit for every middle class fashionista.

It probably isn’t too far fetched a statement to also say that most girls’ accessory box includes an African inspired beaded chain.

The collecting of ideas and inspiration from ethnic cultures is resulting in the creation of stunning clothes that surpass the normality of sticking to one type of design, but here at 7DAYS we wanted to take the whole idea one step further.

What happens when you go the whole hog and take on the complete outfit of another culture to wear? Are clothes just clothes at the end of the day, or does wearing another cultures fashion mean you also have to act in a certain way and respect the culture you are borrowing from?

Erna Badenhorst is a blonde South African, living in Dubai and working for Emirates airline.

She is getting married this year and the theme of the ceremony is Indian, so we decided she was a perfect candidate to test the water on how comfortable or accepted it is to actually dress head-to-toe in a fashion that derives from a culture quite different to her own.

this is not my paper!!!

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