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31 STEVE JOBS AND APPLE, INC. Todd A. Finkle, Gonzaga University Michael L. Mallin, The University of Toledo CASE DESCRIPTION The primary issues in this case involve business startup and management, and are appropriate for entrepreneurship and management courses. A secondary issue demonstrates how personal drive and motivation are critical components of successfully managing and growing a business, thereby making this case appropriate for discussion on the topic of strategic management. The case chronicles the life and passion of entrepreneur, Steve Jobs – illustrating the rise, fall, and current state of the Apple Computer Company. The case has a difficulty level 2 and is designed to be covered within one (75 minute) class period. The required preparation time is about 2 hours. It is appropriate for small business, entrepreneurship, or management classes. The purpose of this case is to illustrate to students how individual passion, determination, and innovation is a critical element in business start up success and also to stimulate critical thinking in terms of future direction for a company in a struggling economy. CASE SYNOPSIS The Apple Computer Company is arguably one of the most innovative technology companies to emerge in the last three decades. Apple, Inc. is responsible for bringing to market such products as the Macintosh computer and laptop, iPod and iTunes, and most recently, the iPhone. The success of the company can be traced primarily to a single individual - founder, Steven Jobs. Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak founded and built Apple into a 32 billion dollar company. The company enjoyed much success during the past decade with its stock price hitting a high of $200 in 2007. More recently, the stock has retreated to around $90 causing a massive decline in shareholder wealth. Today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is faced with the challenge of

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