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Fetch! Pet Care Fetch! Pet care is an upcoming franchise with in the pet care industry that has been voted in the top one hundred lowest cost/risk franchises in America. It has featured in Entrepreneur Magazine top 500 franchises and in the top seven strike it rich businesses. (Fetch Pet Care, http://www.fetchpetcare.com, 6/25/2012) To say the least they have made a name for themselves within the eight years they have been a franchise. Currently they have over one hundred seventy-three units and growing. (Fetch! Pet Care, Inc. Franchise Information, http://www.franchise.org, 6/25/2012) “We’ve got your tail covered” is the Franchises catchphrase and that just what they do (Fetch Pet Care, http://www.fetchpetcare.com, 6/25/2012). Fetch provides a variety of services for pet owners and their pets. The services range from boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, yard poop clean up, pet taxi, grooming, training, and many more. They really take pride in their employees“ is background-checked, bonded, insured and skilled in caring for pets (Fetch Pet Care, http://www.fetchpetcare.com, 6/25/2012).” They do not just care for dogs and cats but any pet your many have. “Fetch can take care of all kinds of pets, no matter their size or species. We're dog-, cat-, bird- and even snake- and spider-people do (Fetch Pet Care, http://www.fetchpetcare.com, 6/25/2012). They do all the work to find a sitter that fulfills the customer’s needs. Paul Mann, the founder and president, explains his mission for the company best: The demand for professional pet care services is at an all-time high -- especially those that allow pets to maintain their routine while receiving the attention they need. With many pet owners frustrated by the lack of professional and reliable caregivers, or reluctant to kennel their pets due to health and other concerns, our safe, convenient, and nurturing care

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