Fetal Psych Essay

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Fetal Psychology The article I read was about the fetal psychology by Janet L. Hopson. She talk about the fetus in the womb, and how the stages of develops inside the mother such as alertness, movement, taste, hearing, vision, learning, and the personality. During the alertness stage the fetus eyes move back in forth and the researchers believed they are dreaming REM (Rapid Eye Movement.) When the fetus is awake or asleep, they move about 50 times or move each hour, feeling and extending its body, moving its head, face, and limbs and exploring its warm wet compartment by touch. (Heidelise Als. Ph.D) Around 15 weeks, a fetus has an adult’s taste buds and it could enjoy the mother’s meals what she eats. In the womb it could be loud for the fetus when there hearing whooshing of the blood vessels, the gurgling and rumbling of the mother’s stomach. The fetus could see very little in the womb but this is the last stage it will develop when there are out of the womb they could actually see what out in the world. The developmental theory I believed it talks about the Piaget’s theory about the sensorimotor thoughts. Infants that could engage in there five senses as smell, taste, touch, hear, and see. Infants being in the early stages as simply reflexive that are reacting to environmental stimuli via inborn reflexes. They have no voluntary control over objects or events in their environment but can only react to whatever takes
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