Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Prenatal Complications and Prevention A couple decades ago there was there was a noticeable growth in the number of people who had problems with substance abuse. Pregnant women are among those who use or are addicted to alcohol or drugs. There, has been documented research about the harmful effects of substance abuse and pregnancy still, a sizeable proportion of women in the first trimester of pregnancy were past month users of alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana, and one in seven women used cigarettes in the second or third trimester(NSDUH report, 2009). There, has been much controversy between those who say that it is harmless to have a couple glasses of wine during pregnancy and those who completely oppose. Is there a “safe,” amount? Can a fetus escape harm if a couple of wine glasses are consumed after the first trimester? However, when an expecting mother is addicted to alcohol and or other substances the chance of having a child with drug related complications increases. The most prevalent syndrome is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is important to educate pregnant women and the public in general about the facts of fetal alcohol syndrome, prenatal complications and prevention. In, the United States there is approximately 15 million or more individuals addicted to alcohol. Out of those 15 million people about 25% are women (Kuczkowski, 2003a). In the United States 1 to 2 live births per every 1,000 results in a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It was first diagnosed in 1973 as a condition. There, is a higher incidence rate among American Indians and Alaska Natives averaging 3 out of 1000 live births that result in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Research on the effects of alcohol and drug use during pregnancy continues to be underestimated and at times

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