Festivals in Bengal Essay

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Festivals of West Bengal would not only enliven your spirits but also would be a warm welcome from the monotonous schedule of your regular life. The festivals of the state of West Bengal are in fact characterized by joyous ceremonies, enthusiasm paralleled with ample fun and celebration. Not only that during the festive celebrations the rich and the poor alike assemble together to enhance the spirit of their festive moods. The festivals of West Bengal embody the robust and composite cultural heritage of our nation. Various communities of the Indian subcontinent celebrate as many as forty festivals with complete communal concordance. The most important festival of West Bengal is; Durga Puja is a famous festival in our state. It is also celebrated in other parts of India. In West Bengal and Orissa it is grandly celebrated. The Hindus worship the goddess Durga. There is a mythological background behind this festival. The dwellers of the earth and the heaven were tortured by the notorious demon named Mahi sasura. Even Gods were afraid of him. On their earnest prayer and request, the goddess Durga was born from fire. As an embodiment of Shakti or strength, the Goddess Durga appeared before the demon. The demon was bewitched by her beauty and was killed by her. His death brought relief to the earth and the heaven. We celebrate this Puja in Her honour. Durga Puja is celebrated in Autumn Season. Clay images of Durga are made and are brilliantly decorated. The Goddess has ten hands. She holds different weapons including a snake to kill the demon Mahisasura. She sits on a lion which is her holy carrier. The eighth day of the new moon in the month of Aswin is the beginning date of the Durga Puja. The Puja continues for three days. People enjoy this festival. Schools, Colleges, and Government Offices are closed for a few days on the occasion of this festival. People

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