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We’re asking for 110.00$. we are planning to purchase 40 shirts. Each shirt will cost 2.33$ to purchase. Since we’re selling 10$ per shirt, comparing to the previous items that are sold in the Westdale store, which are mostly 15-20$, and we’re selling 5$ less than the previous items, therefore I think we will sell all our 40, and the profit per shirt will be 7.67$ thus making a total revenue of 400.00$, gross profit of 306.80$ Another reason that I think we will sell all of our supplies is our shirts show school spirit, where graduating students are willing to buy the shirt to show their graduation. We think out target market for this product would be the students of Westdale Secondary School. The reason for this is because the t-shirt is designed by displaying the warrior and we are the Westdale Warriors so this t shirt will show school spirit. We do expect some parents to buy the t-shirt also to support Westdale. Our most valuable customers would be the graduating students of the year, the graduating students will usually have the most money and want the most souvenirs from Westdale because they are leaving. We would advertise by posting pictures of our t-shirt around the school, but many people don’t read posters so we would also like to advertise on Facebook, since most students have Facebook, if we post the ad on Facebook, everyone will basically see the shirt and most likely want the shirt. we might even make announcements in the morning. Our plan is to have everyone that is selling the product wear a shirt showing that it looks good, and also we would like to have a giant poster that would be there showing off the warrior, it will catch attention and people would want to buy the product. Lastly we would also like to host an event (only if we sell enough shirts over 30) for a random customer to win an extra

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