Fertility Drugs: Are They Worth The Risk?

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Fertility Treatments: Are They Worth the Risk? . Fertility treatments have certainly become a huge topic of discussion in our society today. Thankfully, we live in a world where most people live longer and where most diseases can be treated. We live in a world where technology has made life not only more convenient but longer and sometimes healthier. We live in a world where women are independent, can chose to marry or not, can chose to follow careers or not, and can chose to have children or not. We also live in a time of medical miracles. We have amazing technologies, in vitro fertilization and fertility drugs, for example that allow couples to have children who just fifty years ago would have had no hope, but these technologies can come at a risk. I wonder if fifty years ago there were as many fertility issues as it seems we have now or are women just disclosing more information about themselves. Is God sending a message that He may have a special plan for their lives? I firmly believe doctors are attempting to perform miracles when they should not use drugs. I believe nature should run its course and let God take care of creating babies. The high number of multiple births and the increase of some health issues are forcing society to examine the ethical issues that are caused by fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization. Do we as humans have the right to alter God’s creations? Are we only asking for more problems, not only for us but for all of the children in future generations? Fertility issues can happen to both men and women; however, we tend to see it more in women mostly because they are waiting until later in life to begin families. There have been many studies done linking fertility treatments to some cancers in both the mothers and children and even autism in some of the children born via fertility treatments. There is also the risk of multiple
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