Ferris Bueller's Day Off Scene Analysis

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off – Ferris's Run (The Chase Scene) Scene Analysis Michael Amador March 5, 2012 This scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off begins with Ferris saying goodbye to his girlfriend. The love music starts to dim down as Ferris leaves his girlfriends home. Then a new shot cuts to Ferris’s sister driving the station wagon with her mother in the passenger seat angry that she had to pick up her daughter at the police station. Her mother argues with Jeanie about how she was trying to finish up work with the Vermont people where she was going to take her commission and buy Ferris a car. Right as she says Ferris’s name he runs out in front of the car on his way home; Jeanie stops the car in time so she doesn’t hit Ferris his mother not realizing that Ferris is right in front of her. Jeanie realizes that Ferris is right in front of her and starts to drive faster to get home in time before he enters the house so he can finally get caught. The chase music starts (March of the Swivleheads) Ferris starts running towards his house by cutting through backyards of houses. It cuts to a 50/50 shot of Jeanie driving the car fast and her mother telling her to slow down. It then turns into long shot of the station wagon turning a corner at a fast speed Jeanie not knowing a police officer is just around the corner. The cop turns on his sirens and begins to chase Jeanie. It then cuts to a close-up of a man barbequing steaks on a grill with a Pepsi in his hand. Out of the bushes comes Ferris and as the griller turns Ferris grabs the Pepsi out of his hand. It then cuts to a long shot of Ferris and a close-up of a jeep Ferris in front of the house drinks the Pepsi while running. It then cuts to his father driving his car and then to a close up of him listening to music while driving. It then jump cuts to Ferris running through a back yard with two girls tanning in the

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