Feral Children Essay

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A Feral Child is when a human child is isolated from human contact and has little or no experience of language, social behaviour or love. Peter the wild boy is a prime example of a feral Child who was abandoned. Peter was born in 1713 but when asked what day he was born, Peter did not comprehend the language spoken and to this day, no one knows what day and date Peter was born. Peter was found in Hanover, Germany in the Hertswold forest which was established in the village of Hamelin. When Peter was spotted and captured he had been walking and running on all four and had been eating the forest flora and he could not speak. Peter subsisted in the woods he lived in and had to care for himself by eating the bark off the trees, leaves and berries. However, we do not know for certain how long Peter was left isolated in the woods for but what was established is before Peter was living in the forest he had been taken care of by someone because when he was found there were remains of a shirt collar wrapped round his neck. It is not certain but people believed, when this news was spread to the country, the town Hamelin then had a considerable amount of criminals and this led some people believing that Peter was a criminal who walked into the forest but became lost and could not find his way back. On the other hand, some believe his parents had discovered he was an idiot and inhumanly turned him out to leaving him isolated and alone. George I was hunting in the forest when he came across Peter. George I and his hunters caught Peter in 1725 at the age of twelve. However, a year on in 1726, George’s daughter, Caroline the Princess of Wales, wanted Peter to move to London. When he arrived in London, Caroline wanted to have Peter educated, and so she brought in Dr Arbuthnot (who studied Feral Children) to evaluate his performance; but after an extraordinary amount of

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