Fenimisn and Hamlet Essay

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Hello my name is Maria Otano and I took this class because I needed it to graduate. My first class with Dorothea I was very surprised. I thought the class was about health and exercise. Dorothea tested my sense of humor and told me that this class was about to laugh. When dorothea tested my sense of humor I don’t even knew what number I was, but I figure out that because I always laugh I could be a 6. I really believe myself that I couldn’t tell jokes, that I was more a spectator. Although this classes I really discover my real sense of humor. I discover how to find humor in my everyday life, how to laugh and make thing more playfully and enjoyable. I found out that everybody have a sense of humor that we born laughing. Thanks to this class, now I became aware and careful to find laugher in my life. I discover that no matter what day or circumstance I am having though the day I can still manager my mood although laugher, jokes or to be more play full at work. As a example my son Adrian had a surgery a couple weeks ago, my husband and I had a long day at the waiting room, we spend it saying jokes that made us to relax and be more patience. We didn’t even feel the time at the waiting room. After taking this class I am able to make more jokes and remember them. Although this class from step 1 to 8, I had a big progress. I am feeling proud to myself and much happier. Now I can say that, I can make jokes and understand them. I learned to make joke for my own health, how to laugh at myself helped me to release my stress. How jokes has helped me to introduce me in a group of people to communicate and to be friendly. Now I always look for new jokes, after this class I am able to make jokes with my family at dinnertime. The other day we were sitting at the table when I started saying a boy wrote a letter to Santa saying “ Santa bring me a brother “Santa wrote back “

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