Fences Troy Consequences And Consequences

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My Actions, Your Consequences In the play “Fences”, the character Troy is a very interesting one. Troy is a fifty-three year old man with a powerful love for his wife, Rose, and tough love for his son Cory. Troy doesn't always listen to people, he does what he believes is right at the moment to prevent any bad things from happening or any problems to occur. He just wants his family to live a practical and responsible life. Troy affects everyone's life with his choices, his mind set and past experiences in life which causes a negative affect on them while at the same time it matures them to grow up. Troy's life growing up was one to experience in order to understand his actions in his future. His father picked cotton and working was the only thing his father seemed cared about. All his father wanted was for you to learn how to walk then you were off to work. Troy tells his son about his father “...he was trapped and I think he knew it, but I'll say this for him...he felt responsibility toward us. Maybe he ain't…show more content…
This shows that Troy has that same mind set like his father that working is just a way of living and playing sports is not promising. There are many things that can happen to destroy your sports career like a torn ligament. Without Cory having anything to fall back on how would his life play out? His father is showing his love towards Cory in a misunderstood way or at least he is showing it in the only way he knows how. Troy just wants his son to have a more smooth life compared to his. Cory may feel the same way Troy feels towards his father but in the long run Cory understands that his father was just protecting his future. Cory does grow for this experience with his father. His father may have crushed his dreams but it did help Cory grow to mature because he now is a marine and that is practical job with a promising
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