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Serit Kelly 4-23-13 DRA 111-06 “Fences” Review “Fences” by August Wilson is a drama about a phenomenal baseball player named Troy. He played baseball in the Negro League but was not able to play for the Major League because he was black. Troy was too old to play in the Major League by the time African Americans were allowed to play. He struggles with that throughout the entire play which eventually leads to his demise at the end. The actors at this production of “Fences” were great and made the show worth seeing. The characters along with the set made the audience feel connected to the story and also very easy to follow. Every character’s voice could be heard loud and clear no matter where someone sat. The actors, especially the…show more content…
Cory work jeans, a shirt, and converse type sneakers and also his football uniform when going to practice. There were many funny moments in the play like when Troy’s oldest son, Lyons would always show up to his house on payday and ask his father for money. However there were really serious moments like when Rose found out that her husband had cheated on her and impregnated another woman after years of being married or when Cory and Troy scuffled after he saw his parents having a heated disagreement. “Fences” is appropriate for an audience of at least 13 and up. There is not too much profanity, however a group of people under 13 might not understand the message that Wilson is trying to convey. The set for the production was very realistic. The house and the porch were built well. The paintings for the backdrop and side panels were different but artistic. I had a personal connection because it reminded me of the graffiti that people did in NY subway stations. It didn’t look like graffiti to me but it reminded me of how someone can take a blank object and create something so different but artistic and beautiful. The lighting helped to bring out the colors of the outfits

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