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A Self-Organized Femtocell for IEEE 802.16e System Young Jin Sang, Hae Gwang Hwang and Kwang Soon Kim† School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University 134, Shinchong-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, Korea E-mail: {yjmich, hwang819, ks.kim}@yonsei.ac.kr † Corresponding Author Abstract— Femtocell is a small base station with low power which can be installed by users to get better data rate in the indoor environment. The power control scheme of the femtocell BS is the most important issue in the femtocell implementation but there still exist deadzones if macrocell users are located very close to the femtocell. In this paper, we have proposed a new frame structure for the IEEE 802.16e based femtocell. Selfinitialized segements selection and preamble allocation scheme are also proposed. Using the proposed preamble structure and self-initialization scheme, macrocell users can detect a macrocell BS even though they are located very close to the femtocell. The simulation results show that macrocell users can survive and communicate with the macrocell BS even though they are in the femtocell coverage. Additionally, it is shown that the proposed system provides the highest throughput of the macrocell and the femtocell inside the femtocell coverage. I. I NTRODUCTION Recent research shows that more than 50% of voice calls and more than 70% of data traffic are generated indoors [1][2]. The users of cellular wireless system in the indoor environment have difficulty in receiving high-speed service due to low-quality signals from the outdoor base station. Femtocell has been considered as a new technology to solve deadzone problem in the indoor environments. Femtocell is a low-power, short-range, low-cost small base station (BS) which is connected to a wired broadband system to serve the users in small areas such as home or office. As femtocells are

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