Femme Aux Longs Cheveux

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The artwork that is being analysed is “Femme aux longs cheveux” by Man Ray in 1929. This piece of artwork is a gelatin silver photograph. Femme aux longs cheveux is an image that replicates a somewhat deceased or sacrificed girl. The subject is placed with her arms folded back and her long blonde hair is falling freely down and almost touching the ground. Man Ray created this image in his studio in Paris. For this image, the girl is laying on a wooden box with her head bent backwards. The scene was entirely constructed, to make a sense of tension and ghostliness, even including livelihood and sombreness. The focus of the image is mainly of her torso, hair and shoulders. The lighting which was used included: a full studio light from the right side and a soft studio light on the left that also spills on the backdrop. The camera equipment that was used to create this image included: a camera, processing chemicals, a studio, studio lighting, a wooden box and canvas. The style of this photo is surrealism, it is taken in a vertical format with the angle of composition at eye level. The tone is highly contrasted from the highest white in the forehead to the darkest black in the split of the hair. The texture within the picture varies. We can see the rigidness of the hair at the top of the head, the softness of the hair at the end and the smoothness of the wooden box. All the shapes are bold and the subject matter is a human shape. Lines within the image are straight, curved, fuzzy, and sharp and varies between thicknesses. The shallow depth of field that is seen also adds to the mysterious reasoning behind the reason of hiding her arms. I really liked this image and the way it creates questions within the viewer’s mind such as ‘What is this photo supposed to be about?’ and ‘Where are her arms?’ The use of tone is remarkable and it works extremely well to ensure that

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