Feminism's Pitfalls Essay

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Feminism’s Pitfalls Sandee “Tesh” Waldo COM 220 – Research Writing Axia College – December 2008 Feminism’s Pitfalls Outside of the traditional “old-fashioned” concept of marriage and child rearing, there is a movement known as feminism. Feminism’s agenda while helping to increase opportunities in the workforce has destroyed the private lives of women by pushing them into attaining careers at the sacrifice of marriage and family. However, in their endeavor to prove that women should be completely independent and “have it all”, feminists have disregarded the fact that the majority of women regard family to be the single most significant facet of their lives Feminism has injured the family unit because of the frustration of trying to “have it all”. Feminism claims to liberate women from what they view as slavery and servitude. They believe that loving, caring for and nurturing their families makes them slaves. Before we allow feminists to tell us that they do not say such things, let us see what they have said. “[As long as the woman] is the primary caretaker of childhood, she is prevented from being a free human being”. Kate Millett, Sexual Politics, 1969. “A parasite sucking out the living strength of another organism...the [housewife’s] labor does not even tend toward the creation of anything durable.... [W]oman’s work within the home [is] not directly useful to society, produces nothing. [The housewife] is subordinate, secondary, parasitic. It is for their common welfare that the situation must be altered by prohibiting marriage as a ‘career’ for woman”. Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, 1949. “… house wife is a nobody, and [housework] is a dead-end job. It may actually have a deteriorating effect on her mind...rendering her incapable of prolonged concentration on any single task. [She] comes to seem dumb as well as dull.
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