Feminism In Lysistrata

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A feminist is a person who supports feminism. Feminism is described by Dictonary.com as; “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men” ("Dictionary.com"). Basically, feminism is the idea that women and men have been treated differently by society throughout time, and that women have been unable to participate fully in all social interactions. The story of Lysistrata shows this idea of feminism in the sense that the women in the story, after being stereotyped that they could do nothing but cook, clean, and take care of the children, shows the men that they too can assist in ending a war. The main character in this story is Lysistrata who is portrayed as the leader of the feminist. The story of Lysistrata gives us an ancient day look at a modern day problem that still exists, to some extent, today. People have been arguing over the idea of equality among sexes for a long time. The first time that can be seen about people fighting for the right of equality was by Susan B. Anthony in the 1840’s to give women the right to vote. Then again in the early 1900’s the fight for equal rights took place. (Talk of the Nation). Today there are many women who still feel like they are not treated fairly. In Lysistrata, some of these women felt the same way women do today. They felt like they were not being given the proper equality that they were supposed to be given. Some women, however, did not care. One women in the story, Kleonike, says “There’s nothing cosmic about cosmetics-and Glamor is our only talent, All we can do is sit, primped and painted, made up and dressed up” (“THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY of WORLD LITERATURE” page 729) then she continues on telling all of the glamorous things that women wore back then. How was Lysistrata supposed to fight for equality when some women did not even want equality? I believe that is the way

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