Femininity In The 1800's

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From being house-wives, slaves to men, care takers, maids, cooks, mothers, to having to be all that and work, maintain a household, pay bills, and bring home money. Women are expected to go to work then go home, and while at home from a long day of work do all the house chores, which basically is a 24/7 job minus the pay. The definition society has painted on femininity has changed; as we go into a new era society expects more and more from women. In the early 19th century women were almost considered slaves to men, they were to stay home cook, clean, and do anything and everything her husband demanded. That has evolved dramatically, societies view on women is not only that women must be the care takers of the family, but they are also expected…show more content…
The only things women were “good for” was taking care of their children and husband. Women has many obligations and very few choices, it was a women’s obligation to take care of her family as well as, clean, cook, sew, knit, and basically do anything and everything her husband asked or demanded. Women were more salves than actual wives. They were owned by men, whether it was her father, brothers, cousins, and/or husbands, they were viewed more as property than actual humans. Girls had to learn this life style at a very early age, if their mothers were busy gathering food; the daughter was to maintain the household. In this time period there were tribes, within the tribes men were the hunters, they would hunt for large animals and if caught anything they would provide meat for their wife and children. Men would carry a bow and arrow; they wanted to be able to protect their families. By keeping their hands free this gave them a quick reaction time in case they ever encountered contact with animals, or other tribes. As this century went on things began to change, men soon would hunt not for themselves and their neighbors, not so much their families. Due to there not being such a huge amount of animals to hunt they felt if they hunted for their neighbors, then they would return the favor when they didn’t catch much. Women although didn’t see it this way. They became very intolerable and felt men were giving themselves the best and not putting their families first; which left women to feed, protect, train and raise their children alone. Because of this women’s rights slowly started coming into the picture. At the beginning of the 1800s women had no rights, no voice, you can even say no thoughts, they were told what to say and think. To society all women were nothing but housewives raising children. Soon this would change whether men and society were ready or not. The
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