Feminine Gospels Revision Pack Essay

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Feminine Gospels Feminine Body and Identity¨- Map Woman, Diet, Woman who Shopped Suffering, Exploitation, Degradation, Mistreatment – Tall, Loud, History The ‘Voiceless’ – Anon, White Writing, A dreaming Week, Virgin’s Memo Women and History – Long Queen, Beautiful, Sub Motherhood and Children – Light Gatherer, Cord Rise of Feminism – Laughter of Stafford Girls’ High Art of Linking Poetry – Gambler Elegies, Loss of Death – Death and the Moon, North West, Wish Long Queen Meaning: ‘Patron saint of women’. Key linking point is childbirth. Ironic that avatar of motherhood is a ‘dowager/spinster’ (widow). Not controlled by men, owns her maternal qualities. ‘The Cold weight of her crown’, burden of being a ‘queen’ her identity is being a queen, STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY. Form and Structure: Poem begins with short, snappy statements. Sentence length and line length extended elegantly. Provides detail and an expansive tone. Starts early listing, long sentences later. Poem presents central themes for four laws for collection: ‘Childhood, Blood, Tears, Childbirth’ poem presents a life cycle! Final line shows how Long Queen ‘owns’ these. Language: Brings together female experiences in one narrative. Long Queen ‘clothed’. Jewellery is ‘tears’. Suffering is key for female identity. Her ‘eternal’ quality shows women are eternal. She ‘could not die’ as influence is carried onto children. Map Woman Meaning: Shows perspective on position of women in the world, her relationship with her own IDENTITY! Body key part of female identity etc Form and Structure: Free Verse, internal rhythms, discrete units connected by rhyme, shape tightly controlled though. ‘Restriction’ and ‘Order’ experienced by Map-Woman. Central notion of extended metaphor. ‘Map’ shows intellectual/scientific structure of thought, shows discoveries and enlightenment. Maps show ‘patriarchal’ understanding of

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