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Korah Taylor College-Bound Senior English 3/8/13 Introduction- Most female serial killers work alone. And they are good at it. In fact if you accept the now-common definition of a serial murderer as someone who kills three or more persons, with times elapsing between homicidal events, females out perform their male counterparts. These lethal ladies operate under the radar, they are less likely to have a criminal history, tend to kill those closest to them (emotionally and physically), and use quieter killing methods of elimination (poison, drugs, smothering). As a result their killing careers last much longer than men with an average of nine victims. Bridge- This excerpt from the Psychology Journal states that females, like men, are just as cold blooded. Thesis- The top five internationally known women serial killers range from Amelia Dyer to Enriqueta Marti, Mary Ann Cotton, Elizabeth Bathory, and the Gonzalez sisters. First, serial killer Amelia Dyer caused the death of at least 500 infants. Visual- unable to have children, help wanted family ads to get children, Baby farmer-illegal adoption Visual- Used white tape, parcel paper and rolled carpet then dumped the babies in the Thames Visual- Sold the babies items for money Visual- Killed in prison by rioting prisoners Without a doubt, Amelia Dyer resembled a cold blooded killer Second, serial killer Enriqueta Marti used children as a source of income. Visual- Child murderer, kidnapper Visual- She would dress up as in rags and wander the streets looking for homeless children Historical Recap Visual- she took a child who was waiting on her mother and then a neighbor spotted the child and told the police Visual- Killed in prison Undoubtedly, Enriqueta Marti used children to make money. Third, people now consider Mary Ann Cotton as the first ‘Black Widow” Visual- Black widow, killing 3

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