Female Interpretation of the Modernist Reality: Virginia Woolf.

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Marzhan Doszhanova Female Interpretation of the Modernist Reality: Virginia Woolf. The beginning of the 20th century was a time of confusion and tension that resulted in revolutions, uprisings and eventually World War 1. It was also a time of innovative inventions, new philosophies and attempt to be liberated from the bonds of everything conventional; it was the rise of the modernist era. Modernism, as many critics believe, was a response to the scientific, political and economic developments of the time and the transformed human perception of the “new” reality. The movement arose from the international sense of depression, and the realization of many that there was nothing concrete or reliable anymore. It dealt with the way human personality has changed, as Virginia Woolf once defined it, embraced chaos and absurdity as the way to move beyond the simplistic. Since gender has always been the topic discussed in literature and philosophy, it has earned some attention in the time of modernism as well. In the past, women were considered inferior to men in their judgment and abilities. Male philosophers and social theorists identified woman “with disorder, savagery, chaos, unreason, and the excluded ‘other’”. Thus, women writers were a rarity at the time when modernism began to sprout around the world. This paper will analyze the writing of one of the most prominent female modernist writers – Virginia Woolf, whose narrative was innovative, sentence structure – impeccable, and language – imaginative. Fragmentation and the Broken Narrative Rachel Blau DuPlessis suggests that ruptures executed on a narrative level by the 20th century women writers represent or even sometimes create disruptions in the often sexist pattern of society. (DuPlessis 21) Male works on female characters often failed to represent the complex female psychology. In To the Lighthouse Woolf

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