Female Genital Mutilation Essay

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“Female Genital Mutilation” It is the people’s perspective that they think negatively about a cultural practice which is rare in their societies (Shweder N\A 1). However, it is us, who have to have the responsibility of knowing the reason behind the cultural practice rather than judging the practice on our own (Shweder N\A 9) Clitoridectomy is one of the practices among some ethnic groups in the west and east Africa (Shweder N\A 4) which some of us see as an unusual behavior of human and some consider it to be powerful. The author, Rechard A. Shewder, showed that female circumcision has been a major practice in some ethnic groups in Africa (Shweder N\A 5). Since it is considered as an abnormal behavior in some of the countries including The United States and Europe; Cultural relativism should be the way to look at the practice from different perspectives before having own opinion (Shweder N\A 9) Female circumcision is a common practice among the African ethnic groups such as the Kono and Gikuyu, and in some countries such as Mali, Sudan, and Ghana (Shweder N\A 4). There are differences in terms of the way it is done. For an example, in Somalia and the Sudan the operation is concluded by stitching closed the vaginal opening with the purpose of healthy fertility and protecting the womb (Shweder N\A 5). The tradition is unknown to many places within the countries also. Such as, in the Kono group, both literate and illiterate women are circumcised but in the Senegalese Wolof women do not have the tradition of clitoridectomy even in the illiterate group (Shweder N\A 5). Though it is common in these groups, the people of the United States look at it differently (Shewder N\A 3). They are not familiar with the concept of female circumcision though male circumcision is a common knowledge to them (Shewder N\A 5). They criticize the tradition as “mutilation” (Shweder N\A 6).

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