Female Genital Mutilation

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Ashley Stewart Strayer University ENG 115, (Section Number 24) Dr. Brandy Wilson 8/15/10 The Cruelty of Female Genital Mutilation Towards Women in Africa The Cruelty of Female Genital Mutilation Towards Women in Africa Throughout the continent of Africa an unspeakable cruelty of female genital mutilation towards the females in Africa has become a conflict that just being a women means struggling to survive. This traditional practice has been going on for a long time. It’s now to a point where the women of Africa are becoming the victim of a common tradition in Africa. There are millions of women and girls in Africa who are at risk of experiencing one form of another of genital mutilation. Female Genital Mutilation is practiced in most of Africa including Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria. The procedure of this practice leaves the women permanently scarred, and unable to have normal sex lives. Female Genital Mutilation is a drastic change in external female genitalia. Infibulations, Clitoridectomy, and Excision are the types of genital mutilation procedures. Infibulations is the most dangerous form and it is the removal of all or part of the genitalia it is also called Pharaomic Circumcision. Researchers from University of Virginia says that “infibulations is also the stitching of the vaginal opening except for a small hole for menstrual blood, is the most extreme version.” (qtd. In Dakar 45) In less conventional forms of Clitoridectomy this removes part or all of the clitoris. The removal of all or part of the labia minora is Excision. During infibulations, as the legs are held down the labia minora is held together by stitches or thorns. The procedures are undergone by groups of close relatives. The procedure takes place in the home of the girl or woman being circumcised. Female Genital Mutilation starts as early as birth and

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