Female Gender Essay

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Female Gender Construction through Hegemonic Masculinity The battle for equality in a woman’s world is constant and ever changing. A perpetual combat requires a woman to ask, “Do I live in a world that is constructed by male dominance?” Within the world of sports a woman’s reputation, stature and success is influenced by the mere contribution of men. Gender roles and ideologies that are constructed through hegemonic masculinity result in privileged gender norms and stereotypes that simply derive from that ever all mighty male jewel. The penis. Each article examined in this essay further addresses how sports, game rules and regulations are cowardly modified because women are deemed unfit to uphold the level of play that men endure. Gender roles and ideologies are constructed through hegemonic masculinity. Emphasizing how a males’ version of sport enables the ability for women to be judged on their skill, but instead on their socially constructed position in society. To the majority a woman’s physical body represents notions of being delicate and submissive. To some a woman’s physical represents reproductive growth supporting the notion of “delicate”. Her body is one of a prepubescent child, slender and thin. Her tiny frame is what makes her so beautiful and most attractive (pg.97). This image may serve value to certain industries. However, in the sporting world this description can be threatening to how female athletes are portrayed. Where do athletes lie in this misinterpreted picture? “It’s part of the game” an article written by Nancy Theberge writes about eliminating the physical component- intentional body checking from elite levels in women’s hockey, simply because the female body is “delicate” and easily prone to injury. This is done through analyzing the challenges of hegemonic masculinity posed on women’s participation in sport. Theberge duly notes
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