Female Feeling in Emily Dickinson’s Poem Under the Theme of Death

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Female Feeling in Emily Dickinson’s Poem under the Theme of Death --Because I could not stop for death Because I could not stop for death written by Emily Dickinson is regarded as a masterpiece of Death in public. This poem described Death as a lovely and even a respectable image in a euphemistic way instead of as a terror and trembling impression as usual. Also it shows everyone a different view of death in Emily’s mind. What’s more, under general image, there also exist a more tactful but vague personal female feelings. I would like to analyze the poem from a point of view as a female. The whole poem is a monologue of a woman, no ups and downs, however, calm and peaceful. A busy woman was invited by Death who is solicitous and polite to get on the carriage on a journey. Although she seldom left her home, she was glad to get on the carriage with a trace of hope and joy. Precisely, because of gentle manners of Death, the initiation of love appeared in her mind. Emily lived a mostly introverted and reclusive life, and was responsible for home affairs with her sister. There is no doubt that she was desire for outside world. We can see Emily is a shy and unbending woman; she is intelligent and erudite, while her literary talent and enthusiasm would be blockaded by her father’s yard. She baked bread for her father and attended her ailing mother day by day. Actually, Emily was busy in her daily life. Therefore, “death” in this poem seems indicated her love affection, it is also related to her love experiences in her life. “Death” seems equal to “Love” in this poem. On one hand, Dickinson experienced unforgettable love but all to die in the end. Here, “death” expressed her inner complex feeling. On the other hand, Emily believed that “Love” is as sorrowful yet beautiful as “Death”, transitory but everlasting. In addition, in 19th century, Puritan tradition
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