Felines And Canines Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay Steven Hess Felines and Canines are two types of pet that many people debate on when deciding on the right kind of animal. Both have their advantages and both have their disadvantages. Felines can give a kind of companionship that dogs may not be able to, or dogs may provide a type of companion that felines may not. Felines love to be held, for the most part. In my experience, they are always by your side when you are feeling down. Felines are relatively easy to care for and clean up after, an example is the fact they use a litter box and do not have to be taken outside. The cats can also help to trim some of your plants in the house, this can save you time since you do not have trim the plant yourself. Cats are usually playful, and may often times play with objects around the house which causes them to look adorable giving you a reason to laugh and relax and just enjoy time with your pet. Having a feline, though, may not always be as “pleasant” as it seems. Some people are allergic to cats and therefore having them as a household pet is not the best choice. Felines may not always be friendly. There are some out there that are very mean when they see a person or stranger and can end up hurting someone. Cleaning up after them may have some downsides, in the fact that when they use the litter box, some cats do not always keep the litter in the box causing the surrounding areas to become a mess. When cats trim your plant, they may not pick up the trimmings allowing it to fly around the house. Also, when cats play with the objects they find in the house, they may leave them in some unexpected places, such as a rug. Canines may also be an animal that families may look at when deciding on a pet. Just as the feline, the canine has some advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages to a canine could be that when a canine becomes a part of

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