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Practicing inference and deduction skills. In 1972 a plane carrying a rugby team from Chile crashed high in the remote Andes mountains. Many of the passengers were killed, but the survivors included Nando Parrado, who lay unconscious for three days following the crash. Working on your own, read this extract from Nando’s autobiography where he describes how he felt as he regained consciousness and realised the terrible situation he was in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my desperation, I raged silently at the great peaks that loomed above the crash site, blocking the path to my father, and trapping me in this evil place. Frustration gnawed at me until, like a man buried alive, I began to panic. Every moment that passed was filled with one fear, as if the earth beneath my feet were a ticking bomb that might explode at any second. This terrifying sense of vulnerability – the certainty that doom was only moments away – never rested. It filled every moment of my time on the mountain and it produced in me a manic urge to flee. I fought the fear as best I could, trying to calm myself and think clearly, but there were moments when animal instinct threatened to overcome reason, and it would take all my strength to keep from bolting off blindly into the mountain range. At first, the only way I could quiet these fears was to picture in my mind the moment when rescuers would arrive to save us, but as time passed I could not silence the doubts that were growing in my mind. We had always assumed that the authorities knew roughly where our plane had gone down. They must have known our route through the mountains, we told ourselves, and surely the pilots had radioed along the way. It would simply be a matter of searching along the flight path, beginning at the point of the last radio contact.

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