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Melissa Liang Jan 11, 2012 Computer Skills Review Questions 1. The Pascaline was a complicated set of gears that operated similarly to a clock. It was designed to only perform addition. 2. a) The Stepped Reckoner supposed to be able to add and subtract, as well as multiply, divide, and calculate square roots. b) It was unreliable because it would jam and malfunction. 3. It meant that she did not believe that a machine, no matter how powerful, could think. 4. a) Herman Hollerith invented the tabulating machine for Census of 1880. b) The card were then inserted into the machine and metal pins used to open and close electrical circuits. 5. Because it was impressive in size, measuring over 51 feet in length and weighing 5 tons. It also had over 750,000 parts, many of them moving mechanical parts which made the Mark I huge and unreliable. 6. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer used the binary number system of 1s and 0s. 7. The ENIAC was originally a secret military project which began during World War II to Pennsylvania. 8. A computer is an electronic machine that accepts data, processes it according to instructions, and provides the results as new data. 9. Alan Turing and John con Neumann designed and built the EDVAC and the EDSAC. 10. a) A program is a list of instructions written in a special language that the computer understands. b) Machine language which consists of 0s and1s to represent the status of a switch. c) CPU, UNIVAC AND EDVAC 11. Because the invention of the transistor made computers smaller and less expensive and increased

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