Feeling of Love Essay

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The Feeling of True Love A palpable feeling in the air, anxiety for the babies to be born. As a little head starts to appear, it seems just like a phantasm that the babies are arriving, to the many people watching this birth. As the first baby appears, the new mother starts crying, so happy to have a new little girl to welcome into this world. Then as she unwillingly hands her new daughter to the nurse for cleaning up, she goes back into labor. She puts all of her effort, strength, and love into bringing her remaining child into this world. As the last toe comes out, the new mother of the twins sighs seeing her perfect baby boy with all his fingers and toes. As she holds the new twins close to her, she gives up her life to taking care of these two, with all of her love and affection. "Suzy and Bob," she murmurs. At the sight of their mother's kind eyes and open arms, the two infants fall in love with her. And this is just the beginning of their life of love. As they go from their first doctor appointment to the time when they turn eighteen months, they experience a lot of love. Every night their mom and dad come and tuck them into their individual wooden cribs. As the twins snuggle down under the warm pink and blue blankets, their mother kisses them on their forehead and whispers "I love you" into their delicate ears. Then their dad comes along, says "Good night, sleep tight," and kisses them as gently as any man with a beard could. As the mom and dad walk out the door the twins sigh with warm and contented hearts. Later they will find that this feeling is the love that their parents are giving them. And even though they do not know it, every one of their movements displays the love that they feel for their parents. As they become toddlers at eighteen months, they start to keep their parents on their toes all the time. Soon they begin
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