Feeling for life Essay

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Feeling for Life Life as you and I know it, was not the same for Christine. She was born without her sight, and in a day and age where the disadvantaged were not as helped as they are today. There were no seeing dogs, or “help” that could see for her. Her only support and help was her mother. When her mother was gone, she had nothing. Only complete darkness. Her siblings were always out to only help themselves. When their mother died and had the freedom, they did not want to bother with Christine. Her sister left her on the steps of the local church, for strangers to take care of her. I wouldn’t say they did just that. The Minister silently raped her one night and she became pregnant. She knew she had to leave then. Where could she go? The Minister and his wife took her to a home for handicapped and abandoned kids. She knew she could not stay there for too long. She needed a good place for the baby she was going to have. After some time, she was able to move to a small place, and receive social security. The years went by, and her son was her only friend this whole time, as he grew into a nice young man. He cared for his mother a lot, and tried to help her as much as he could. He even took the pictures Christine had to his school, and covered them with a clear gel. When the gel had hardened, he then engraved each detail of the picture in it, so that his mother could now “see” the pictures by feeling the surface. Christine could finally “see” her family. Many of us always complain that we are overweight, that we don’t have a certain type of car to drive, or that we are stuck in traffic one day. Well, just imagine not being able to even see yourself in the mirror, or see what a car even looks like. Be grateful, and count your blessings, not your problems. Let us get back to our story. Our Christine as you can imagine, had always been lonely. She was a woman
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