Feeling Empathy for Dorian Grey

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This essay will determine whether it is difficult to feel empathy for Dorian Gray. On one hand Dorian inflicted the bad events in his life on himself, and he also killed two people close to him. This makes It hard for the reader feel empathy towards him. However the reader can relate to Dorian as it can be argued that Lord Henry influenced him to not care about those around him, meaning that he did not intend to harm anyone, this makes the reader want to empathise with Dorian. Dorian Gray is a very complicated character in the sense that he live a double life. In one he indulges himself in guilty pleasures Some of which are sex, drugs, and alcohol. However in the other he acts As A young respectable young man with a well known name in a high class society. This makes it hard for the reader to feel empathy towards Dorian as he is living a lie and everything bad that happens to him has really been inflicted by his own actions. The portrait of himself is supposedly "beautiful" and this therefore gives him a high opinion of himself, it also makes him think that he is of more importance than those around him. Towards the beginning of the novel basil States that " we shall all suffer for what the gods have given us". This is foreshadowing the fact that Dorian will suffer from being engrossed with himself and his appearance. This makes it clear to the reader that the only reason Dorian suffers within the novel Is because of his obsession with himself. Because of this implication Wilde makes it obvious to the reader that empathy is a difficult thing to feel towards Dorian as he is not a victim. Wilde uses the pronoun "we" when writing from Basil's point of view as It implies to the reader that as part of humanity we are all suffering for what we are given. This is again emphasised when Wilde uses the pronoun, "all" And "us" as it sums up that he means everyonE. It also
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