Feedback on the Scientific Essay

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Disruptions: Your Brain on E-Books and Smartphone Apps My feedback about the essay provided by Tiffany Tang (Notice: It’s just my narrow point of view, please do not pick on me if you think I am too old-fashioned) The development of technology is so fast that few people can keep pace with it, most people still are living a conventional lifestyle which they think is simple and advanced enough for them to survive. But for those who are way advanced than the ordinary beings, those who are accustomed to high-tech life and cannot live without smartphones and laptops, the development of society seem to be too slow and cannot cater to their desire for everything functions just like smartphones and Ubers. They show their maladjustment by doing something beyond the reality which however can be applied to the virtual world. The fact is that their brains have been accustomed to such way of living and suddenly they cannot adopt the former conventional lives they used to lead. The essay gives me a hint, the development of different creatures can vary from each other, but nowadays even among one sole category— human beings, there exists such a huge distinction. I often heard someone crting for his failing behind the age, but I never think of the question that those who are ahead of the times would also have problems to deal with, which shows the double edge of the technology. I hold that although the development of the technology should be supported by the authorities, we cannot be too obsessed with it. One of my instructors—Lew told us an anecdote today that a man once camped in front of the stories selling Apple 5S for half a month in order to become the first one to buy this product. For a behindhand conservative like me, it’s like the craziest thing in the world ever, why would someone be so obsessed with a smartphone that he could even move out where he
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