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Feedback on performance (Aii) Why is it important for a Social Care Worker to seek feedback on performance? (a) It’s important to receive feedback on performance to establish if you’re doing your job to the full potential and to see if there are any areas that need improving. It will also highlight areas that are effective and that you can use again. It keeps the social care worker focused, motivated and in a better position to fully do their job. (b) The different ways that people may react to receiving constructive feedback People may feel deflated, disappointed and become defensive over constructive feedback because they will feel like they can’t do their job properly and will question their capabilities that could lead to depression and low morale in the team. On the other hand some people will see it as an opportunity to improve and get better at their job. You will also get people who will become aggressive and lash out as they take it extremely personal. Some people are set in their ways and also don’t deal with change and so are reluctant to take it on board. It will be difficult to get them to see their way of thinking can be altered without causing too much anxiety and distress. Criticism alone can be perceived as negative and the worker can feel like a failure. So it’s important to make sure that constructive criticism is given to provide information on how the worker can overcome any issues and become more adept at their job. This then gives them something to build on as they can see set goals in front of them. Good work deserves praise but it can then allow the worker to become complacent so it’s vital that the worker also understands that their skills and knowledge can potentially be improved. (c) Why is it important for a Social Care Worker to use the feedback to improve their practice? Feedback informs you of any areas that

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