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Feed Final The lifestyles of people in the past and present day are seen to be completely different, that it makes someone think twice about what occurred to make such a difference in society. One of the reasons the way of life has changed is because everything is so fast paced, and most people live a life filled with pure pleasure and wanting more in life than that is needed. Technology is another reason for the change in life styles and the way people act outwardly. As the technology in this world advances, people need to realize the difference between needs and wants. As an example is it really necessary to get Botox or plastic surgery, why not just leave your body the way it is? In the past few years, technology has had a dramatic increase in society. Many wonder if all the advancements are for better or worse. More and more it is seen in articles, magazines, television shows, and advertisements are all pushing toward the needs of having plastic surgery or Botox. The thoughts of people in this time and day are to make themselves appear younger and more beautiful so they are given a chance to please the people around them; so they won’t feel bad about their own body. Others think taking part in surgical procedures is the only answer to being accepted in the type of society today. As the years go by, doctors and surgeons are finding more treatments and procedures to make typical women or men look more presentable in the outside world. Later on in life there is no point in changing a person’s body so it can please someone else, but a person’s body should please themselves before anyone else. Advancements in technology could also be a great opportunity for people. There are stories read on how someone was beaten or got into a car accident and there face or body was to broken to heal completely. Those are the few times when plastic surgery is a need not a want.

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