Fedex Information System Essay

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1. How do FedEx information systems contribute to the value of the services the company provides? FedEx is a global Courier service, its primary business focuses on shipment and delivery of customers’ packages around the globe. FedEx’s business demands the company to keep track of individual packages, large and small through its shipping network, until it is delivered. The company is liable for every package it ships and its credibility depends on efficient delivery. Failing to keep track and inefficiency in the delivery of any package can impact FedEx’s credibility, customer loyalty and in long run its sustainability. FedEx information system has been developed and implemented to aid the company’s business units and activities. This system the company has established has changed the way courier service it once used to deliver. With its information system and information highway FedEx is able to effectively and efficiently track each individual package that travels through its global network. The tracking system it has developed not only aids in identifying the position of the package but also aid in providing information to the customer without any hesitation and delay. FedEx information system facilitates the customer to access information about the package and transition status through the internet and at their convenience. The information each customer seeks about their package is identified by a unique id that links to the status of the package which is updated in the centralized FedEx database every time the package passes through the company’s checkpoint around the globe. Further adding to the effectiveness of the business, the FedEx information system also aid its customer representatives in evaluating the customer requirements by providing a sequence of questions eliminating the need to extensively train the representative. The FedEx information

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