Fedex Company Essay

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Name: Lan Do le Huynh Khanh Linh Ho Minh Huan Pham Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Demand management 3. Supplier management 4. Purchasing and or logistics strategies in FedEx, focusing on the relationships between strategy and a sustainable competitive advantage. 5. Order Fulfillment, Sourcing and Procurement 6.1 Sourcing 6.2 Track System 5.3 Aircraft transport system 1. Introduction As known all over the world, FedEx is one of the most famous leaders in transportation and logistics industry. It was found in 1971 in the United States. FedEx is originally known as Federal Express Corporation. Nowadays, FedEx has been offering various services besides express shipping and is still on the way of developing, and keep bringing to the customers more useful services. Customers today are one of the important impacts to the organisation. They have more knowledge and are able to choose the organisations that make the most value for them.. 2. Demand management As FedEx is a worldwide transportation company, they have different types of customers who can be divided as individual customers, small business and, large companies. FedEx’s main customers are multinational companies and international trade companies which require on time delivery, high quality, flexibility, and prompt service as they are high technique, and high value companies such as Del computer, Cisco system, and GM. They transport large quantities of products through FedEx. Organization customers can reduce the cost of distribution up to 20~30% via FedEx’s supply chain management system. Therefore, they have a great deal of bargaining power. In addition, FedEx has a lot of competitors in the transportation market such as DHL, UPS, and TNT. The powerful customers of FedEx can use other transportation companies so they can keep negotiating with FedEx to
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