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Introduction Founded in 1973, Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) has “transformed itself from an express delivery company to a global logistics supply-chain management company” De Wit & Meyer (2004 p.647). Through the “globalization of businesses, advances in information technology and the application of new technology” De Wit & Meyer (2004 p.647) there has been enormous growth and opportunities globally in these areas, which has allowed FedEx to take advantage of numerous changes in the external environment. However, of late, FedEx has seen profits decline and is suffering financially in this highly competitive industry. It is therefore essential that FedEx analyses their business practices/offerings/services and strategies if they are to successfully compete and increase market share. Due to the ever-changing external environment organizations face a plethora of obstacles when conducting business. Organizations have to attempt to ensure that their activities and resources fit to ensure success. The aim of this report is to identify the obstacles that FedEx face through analytical tools and analysis. To establish whether FedEx are responding to external pressures appropriately by configuring their resources and building on any competencies they may have to ensure success. Conclusions and recommendations shall be offered after the analysis of the external and internal environment in which FedEx operates. Through the establishment of FedEx’s resources and competencies, recommendations shall be offered as to what future strategies and direction FedEx may take. External Environmental Analysis, PESTLE Analysis Political/Legal factors to be considered The advancement of the deregulation of trade in previous closed markets and the deregulation of industries, have brought about numerous opportunities for organizations. The effects of globalization and the free

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