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In this case, an overview of Quality Management in FedEx Company is presented and discussed. FedEx Company is the world leading company in the overnight package delivery market. The Company aims to present a 100% customer satisfaction, 100% on time delivery and 100% accurate information available on every shipment to every location around the world. To achieve their aims, FedEx presents a total commitment to Quality Management. Quality Management at FedEx encompasses all of its operations. Quality Improvement Process plays an integral role in all of the Company’s activities. QIP program focuses on the quality during the process of the work and aims to complete the job in a perfect way from the first time. FedEx teaches their employees to fix any problem directly when it happens in this way it will not cause any impacts on other side of the work. A number of substantive strategies have been implemented by FedEx to support its quality efforts. Quality Action Teams (QATs) design work processes to support new product and service offerings. A set of service Quality Indicators (SQI) has been established to determine the main areas of customer’s perception of service. Trough careful tracking of these indicators, the Company can have feedbacks on how well it is meeting its customer satisfaction. Along with a focus on its external customers, FedEx’s approach to quality also involves strengthening the bonds between its employees. The Company reaches out to its employees in a number of substantive ways. The Company adopted People –Service-Profit (PSP) philosophy, which articulates the view that when people are placed first, service and profit follow. An aggressive training program training program, competitive wages and benefits, profit sharing and bonuses are all elements of the PSP philosophy. FedEx achieved the Ultimate level of Quality but this doesn’t mean to stop

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