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edex FEDEX Prepared by Sabrina Lavant Prepared for Dr. Akella A knowledge creating company prospers and grows on the information that is stored, created, and improved within the organization. This paper analyzes FEDEX as a knowledge creating organization. This paper summarizes what a knowledge creating organization is composed of and tells what characteristics are found within a knowledge creating company. It is composed of acquisition, creation, storage, analysis and data mining. This information coincided with the characteristics of FEDEX. This also shows what makes FEDEX the leading parcel service in the world. It utilizes services such as online tracking service and customer feedback. Using this information would allow the organization to expand in different areas. Founded in January 1998, Federal Express was used from 1978 until 2000. Now known nationwide as FEDEX it is one of the largest mail carriers in the world. Being a prosperous franchise, it makes sure packages are transferred, received, and carried to desired destinations. It employs millions of workers. FEDEX is the largest company by number of employees and has been recognized by FORTUNE for its commitment to diversity and woman among the 100 best companies to work for. To me a knowledge creating company is any company that uses knowledge and ability to improve or continue improvement of a product. It challenges individuals within the confines of the organization to learn continuously. It would be beneficial to the client as well as the individual within the company. Six stages have to implement and completed in order to be a knowledge creating company. These six stages consist of acquisition, creation, storage, analysis and data mining, transfer and dissemination, and application and validation. Knowledge acquisition is when a company acquired information from

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