Federico Garcia Lorca

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FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA Jeffrey Gonzalez Ms. Bellino English 25 February 2008 Gonzalez 1 Jeffrey Gonzalez Ms. Bellino English 25 February 2008 Federico García Lorca Internationally known as Spain’s most well-known lyric poet and dramatist of the twentieth century Federico García Lorca. His poetry and plays have been translated into dozen of languages. Lorca’s been the object of study by critics all over the world. Lorca books continue to sell and his plays are staged and applauded every year since his murder in 1936 at the hands of Spanish fascist. Lorca has become a legendary tragic hero. In this essay I will give you background information on his childhood. Info. on life experience also motivation and influences for writing. One of Federico’s Major work (poem). Also my interpretation on the poem. Federico García Lorca was born in Fuente Vaqueros, a small farming town outside Granada, the urban center of Andalucía. The Lorca was fortunate in his parents. Don Federico García Rodríguez, his father, was an energetic and prosperous farmer who gave Federico his passion (Federico 3). The mother Doña Vicenta Lorca, was a woman of intelligence, education, and imagination, a former school teacher who nurtured his musical and poetic interests (Federico 3). His Gonzalez 2 correct name was and is García Lorca, but from an early age, the poet called himself Lorca, and others followed his example(Federico 3). From his earliest years, his interests were artistic. He learned 5 popular songs. He read romantic and classical literature. He studied piano and guitar, eventually becoming very skilled at both(Federico 3). When he was eleven, Lorca's family moved to Granada where he attended a Jesuit school(Federico 1). Federico proved to be an indifferent student. At sixteen, he failed the examination for his
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