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Federalist vs. Republicans BY: ASHLEY The Federalist and the Republicans had different views of everything. They had different views on national banking, payment of debts, manufacturing or farming, the whiskey tax and rebellion and the Jay’s treaty. They also had other differences. Hamilton was for the Federalist and Madison and Jefferson was for the Republicans. The federalist were concentrating power in the federal government while the republicans felt that sharing power with state and local governments would limit national governments. The federalist was also favoring creditors and the republicans are favoring debtors. For the federalist their economy was based on shipping and manufacturing while the economy for republicans was only based on farming. Hamilton had supporters which were merchants, landowners, clergy and etc. but for the republicans it was the “plain” people who were the farmers and tradespeople. The federalist had a loose interpretation while the republicans had a strict interpretation. Hamilton also pushed through an excise tax which is a tax of product manufacture sale distribution and the republicans opposed the taxes and also the federalist wanted to back the British while the republicans wanted to honor the 1778 treaty and support France. The federalist was western settlers who were angry which allowed the British to continue their fur trade on the American side of U.S. Canadian border. But, the republicans had John Jay who was in London to negotiate a treaty with Britain. Hamilton was part of the Northern while Jefferson was to Southern and the federalists were trying to sneak in the country why republicans thought it was a misuse of power which means they were trying to get rid of

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