Federalism In Ohio

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Federalism in Ohio Amidst the manifold facets that formed America’s Constitution, the prevailing aspect of unity within the central forces of federal and state government have been among the most significant. As a Federalist nation, with a strong centralized body of government, whose constitution was immensely impacted by English Constitutionalism, America and its states abide by precepts based on liberty. Ohio State is a key example of how state constitutions coincide with ideals set forth with the governmental framework established by the United States Constitution. Even more so, the pattern by which the amending process occurred within the Ohio Constitution was closely tied to the political and social atmospheres of the state and nation. Because the United States constitution and Ohio constitution work together in defending federalism, there are many similarities between the two texts. Both documents posses a Bill of Rights, which appeal towards the civic freedoms of the people. Though very similar in theory, the structure of the both constitutions also shows distinct differences in comparison to one another. In matters of common defense, both the federal and state governments promote the safety and protection of its citizens and the organization of armies to defend its people. As a unique document, the Ohio State Constitution carries both strong points and weak points, which, if were subject to reform, would improve the circumstances of the welfare of its state citizens. In pursuit of ushering the growth of American governmental diplomacies, the laws carried out by the current Ohio State Constitution confirm that state and federal laws are most successful and effective when used as supplementary forces that compliment one another. The political atmosphere experienced by the nation and state were crucial and influential towards the values instilled
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