Federal Torts Claim Act Essay

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Christopher Yanez Dr. Frank Mineo AJS/562 Federal Tort Claims Paper 03/16/2015 Federal Torts Claim Act of 1946 The monarch cannot be sued or have any wrongdoing. This is an old English principle that the doctrine of Sovereign immunity is derived from. Fortunately in 1946 an act called the Federal Torts Claim Act (FCTA) allowed the wavier of the sovereign immunity doctrine. The FCTA is an act that allows the federal government to be charged for negligent and wrongful acts of federal government employees acting within their employment and environment. The FCTA applies to local justice and security agencies under unique situations of negligence committed by local justice and security agencies. For example police agencies that do not arrest an intoxicated driver then subsequently the driver kill another motorist. The law enforcement agency acted negligently to protect the public and can be sued under the FCTA. Security agencies that do not conduct background investigations before hiring employees and act negligently on the field are responsible for their actions and can be pursued in court under the FCTA. Any organization always uses risk related techniques to protect the civil liability. As related to crime certain procedures are in place to ensure the safety of the public. The justice department is designed to reduce the amount of liability related to tort claims against law enforcement officers. Security measures are implemented to reduce the amount of risk and reduce the amount of civil liabilities that can occur with negligent acts from employees. The federal tort claims act is a procedure that bypasses the claim that a person is not allowed to sue the federal government under sovereign immunity. The FTCA covers all types of torts ranging from medical care regulatory activities, law enforcement, and maintenance of federal

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